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Review Papers on the fundamentals of NOM & Humic Substances
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Reckhow, Natural Organic Matter occasionally updated
Incorporates many prior studies, especially those from Thurman, Perdue and includes analytical and reactivity aspects
Steinberg, C.E.W. (ed) (2003) Ecology of Humic Substances in Freshwaters, Chapt 1&2, Springer, NY
  Steinberg's chapter 1 and 2 on building blocks and origin of humic substances
McKnight, D.M. and Aiken, G.R. (1998) Aquatic Humic Substances. Chapt 1 in Hessen, D.O. and Tranvik, L.J. (eds), Springer, Berlin.    


Reviews on Natural Plant Products & Biochemicals
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Killops & Killops, Chemical Composition of Organic Matter from Organic Geochem Text
good general review on all types of organic compounds found in water


Papers Focusing on NOM Genesis
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Papers on Sources and Signatures of NOM
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NOM Size
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NOM Reactions and Reactivity
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