Fall 2018 ENGIN 112 Lab Overview

Each ENGIN 112 student will gain hands-on electronics and programming experience in a series of eight design sessions. The lab will culminate in Electric2016 on Saturday, December 3 where the devices made during the semester will provide sound and light for a rather large show/party.

All design sessions will take place in M5, the ECE Makerspace, Marcus Hall, room 5 (at the north end of lower level of Marcus Hall). Attendance at and satisfactory completion of the design work associated with each of the design sessions is required in order to pass the lab portion of ENGIN 112. Passing the lab portion of ENGIN 112 is required in order to pass ENGIN 112. In other words, if one fails to pass the lab portion of ENGIN 112, she or he will automatically receive an overall course grade of F in ENGIN 112.

It is required that each student attend their assigned design sessions as listed in the course below. Student are not allowed to attend any of the sessions to which they are not assigned. Each design session will run from 2:30 PM until 5:30 PM.

By the end of the course, participants will have learned how to write small computer programs and will know how to use various electronic sensors and actuators in electronic circuits. Students will also know how to use electronic test equipment to measure the performance of electronic circuits. In addition, each student will learn how to use Altium Designer (a Windows app) to create circuit schematic diagrams, simulate simple electronic circuits and design printed circuit boards (PCBs). (Students who do not have a Windows laptop will need to install a virtual Windows app.)

Each lab section (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri) will be split, alphabetically, into two groups (superteams). One superteam will start with circuits and computing while the other superteam will start with Altium Designer. The following week the two superteams will swap places.