Fall 2019 Course Overview

Course Description

This course focuses on the basic functionality of electrical and computer engineering (ECE) systems and explores the technological and scientific principles on which they are based. The goal of the course is to provide you with an introductory understanding of the operation of these systems and connections to advanced topics in ECE.

During the course, we will consider several example systems from the broad range of applications of ECE technology, including wireless communication, power, digital cameras, data storage, medical imaging, audio signal processing, GPS, feedback control, and cybersecurity. Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, computation and simulation (using MATLAB and Excel), and hands-on labs, you will learn about the fundamentals of the design and operation of these systems. The material learned in this course will serve you as a basis for more advanced courses in the ECE curriculum.

Course Information


Prof. Tilman Wolf (lectures)
Prof. Kris Hollot (lectures)
Prof. Paul Siqueira (lectures)
Prof. T. Baird Soules (labs)

Lectures MoWeFr 1:25PM-2:15PM
Engineering Lab II, room 119
Labs Mo-Fr 2:30PM-5:00PM
Marcus Hall, room 5
Textbook no textbook, slides and brief notes will be provided
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Contact Information

For contact information and office hours, see here.


This course uses Moodle for online discussions, assignment submission, and grade management. If you are enrolled in this course, you should see an entry for this course in your Moodle account.
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There is no textbook for this course. Slides, brief notes, and lecture recordings will be provided via Moodle.


Some software examples in this course use Matlab or Microsoft Excel. These software packages are available on computers in Engineering computer labs. These packages are also available through UMass IT: Matlab, Microsoft Office. Purchasing any software is not required for this course.