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04/06/2016    Assignment 2 extended to Monday 4/11
03/11/2016    Updated Assignment 1 late policy
02/26/2016    Assignment 1 (first part) extended to Sunday 2/28 at 11:59pm
02/16/2016    **Change of plans - Class will be held on Wednesday, February 17th from 2:30pm-3:45pm**
01/20/2016    First lecture 2:30pm-3:45pm in Integrated Learning Center S140


This course provides an introduction to software systems with an emphasis on operating system design and implementation.  A key aspect is computer architecture and system software interaction.  Topics include: process management, threading, synchronization, deadlock, scheduling, security, I/O systems, and distributed systems. 


This webpage is the primary source for up-to-date information about the course. Check it often! The course also has a Moodle page, which will be used primarily for posting grades throughout the course. A pdf version of the syllabus for both ECE570 and ECE670 can be found here. The prerequisites for 570 are ECE 232 (Hardware Organization and Design) and ECE 242 (Data Structures and Algorithms). CMPSCI 187 (Programming with Data Structures) can also be taken in lieu of ECE 242. 

The suggested (although not required) course textbook is Operating Systems: Principles and Practice by Thomas Anderson and Mike Dahlin. The textbook is from an online vendor here. The class will consist of two lectures on Wednesday and Friday from 2:30pm-3:45pm in  Integrated Learning Center S140.

Course grades for 570 will be determined based on the following breakdown:

Course grades for 670 will be determined based on the following breakdown:

Please note that all projects and assignments are due by the specified time in the calendar.

Academic Honesty Policy

It is expected that all students will abide by the Academic Honesty Policy.  The full policy is available here.