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09/09/2014    First lecture 12:20-1:10pm in Engineering Building Room 304


Software development requires skills beyond just programming.  Additional development strategies and tools aid in managing and testing software, especially when developing complex multi-threaded applications.  Further, large projects require teams of developers with a range of different skills and backgrounds.  This course covers both design and testing methodologies, especially for multi-threaded programs, as well as software tools that assist in the development process.  The course will introduce students to software engineering basics using a combination of lectures, practical lab work and assignments, and large team-based software projects.  At the end of the course student will be familiar with: 1) software processes, 2) software design and testing methodologies, 3) common software development tools, 4) C and C++ programming, and 5) multi-threaded application development.  Below is an outline of the major course topics.


A pdf version of the syllabus for the course is available here.  The prerequisites for the course are either ECE 242 (Data Structures and Algorithms) or CMPSCI 187 (Programming with Data Structures). There is no required textbook for the course. All material on tests and projects will be covered in the class.

The class will consist of two lectures on MWF from 12:20-1:10pm in Engineering Building I room 304.  Room 307 is also reserved for this class on Monday from 12:20pm- 2:15pm, Tuesday from 10am-11am, and Friday from 11:15am-1:10pm. We might hold class in the lab on some Mondays and Fridays.  The other times are available for group work on projects.

Course grades will be determined based on the following breakdown:

Please note that all projects and assignments are due by midnight (11:59pm) on the due date.  A penalty of 20% will be assessed each day an assignment is late, starting with the day the assignment is due if it is turned in after 12:20pm.

Academic Honesty Policy

All work submitted must be your own (or your groups)