Tilman Wolf

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Graduate School Admission

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the ECE Department at the University of Massachusetts, please see the following web sites for official information:

Applying to my Lab

Note: The following comments are my personal opinion and do not reflect any official admission policy by our department or the university.

I receive emails from interested applicants every day. Many of them are "mass-mailings" where a generic email is broadcast to practically every faculty member of every ECE department on this continent. In other cases, people take the time to write a personal email. Due to the limited amount of time that I have available, do not expect me to answer your email. However, I make an effort to respond to emails that seem genuine and contain questions that are not already answered on this page.

If you consider applying to the UMass ECE program to work with me, I am very happy that you are interested in doing so. Outstanding graduate students are the life blood of a good research lab. Please consider the following:

Ph.D. applicants:

M.S. applicants: