Problem Set 3

Due: October 17, 2013

This page holds information you need to complete problem set 3 for the course. For this assignment please summarize two of the assigned papers for lectures 6 – 11. You can select any two papers you wish. A few rules for the summaries:


  1. Each summary should contain between 1 and 1.5 pages of 12 point, single spaced text. The page counts noted do not include pictures or tables. Use standard Word margins for the document.
  2. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE TEXT WORD-FOR-WORD FROM A SOURCE DOCUMENT. All summaries must be in your own words.
  3. Summaries should describe the basic points of the papers, the experimental approach, and results. Do not simply paste in tables and graphs associated with results. Explain the result of the paper in terms that someone who has not read the paper can understand.