The Intelligent Gratuitous Order-fulfilling Robot

Why does I.G.O.R. exist? - Problem Statement

  • Delivering objects indoors takes time and resources
  • Package sizes and shapes can vary, making them challenging for a robot to pick up
  • Dynamic environments with moving humans can make operation of autonomous robots dangerous for both parties

What can I.G.O.R. do? - Specifications

Igor's requirements and specifications are laid out on the table below:

Requirement Specification Value
Receive source and destination Graphical User Interface Display a map that the user can use to select a package source and destination
Plan a path to a goal Time < 2 seconds
Carry a package to a destination Speed 0.5 mph
Autonomous package unloading Distance from desired destination 3 feet
Battery Life Time 3+ deliveries in Marcus
Collision Avoidance Response time < 180 ms
Portability Size / Weight < 4 cu. ft. / < 20 lbs

Block Diagram

Product Sketch