Water Wizard

Bringing automated watering indoors.

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Meet the Team

Andrew Grote

Andrew Grote

Communications Specialist

Aneurin Sutton

Aneurin Sutton

Electromechanical Systems

Parth Nanavati

Parth Nanavati


Zach Toscanini

Zach Toscanini

Feedback Control

Our Problem

Problem Statement

Domestic indoor plants are highly desirable, but difficult to maintain. They require regular, consistent watering, and different plants have different care requirements. Our solution is Water Wizard, an automated watering system which uses horticultural data and feedback control to provide efficient and specifically tailored care for various indoor plants, with minimal cost and effort.

System Specifications

Intuitive User Interface
Sophisticated and Simple user interface for easy setup
Feedback Control
Proportional Feedback Controller
Device will cost no more than $50
Maintains plant’s water profile to within 10% of ideal, at least 80% of the time
Robust Communications
Communications are secured using SSP-Communications

Our Solution

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