Smart Coaster

By Team 16

Problem Statement:

At restaurants, fast and responsive service leads to higher customer satisfaction. Waiters/waitresses often juggle serving several tables at the same time. A customer might finish their drink and have to wait a while for service.

The Team

Professor Yang

Jonathan Capozzi

Timothy Shum

Angus Mo

Joshua Howell

MDR Report

Our Midway Design Review report.

MDR Slides

Our Midway Design Review presentation.

PDR Slides

Our Preliminary Design Review presentation.

Block Diagram


  • >95% “empty glass” detection rate
  • <1% “empty glass” false positives
  • >12hr battery life
  • <5hr recharge time
  • <2cm coaster thickness
  • Supports multiple coasters

MDR Demo

A video of the prototype demonstration given at MDR.