Camera Trap

Creating an integrated camera trap system for visualizing endangered megafauna

Problem Statement

Biologists who are researching endangered animals have limited tools at their disposal. Many current research practices (e.g. Tranquilization) have the downsides of being invasive, man-power intensive, or requiring specialized skills on the part of the researcher. One alternative, which has been proposed by Biologists, is using a system of motion-activated cameras to take photos of Animals in the wild that can then be used to create 3D models. A 3D model of an animal tells researchers the overall health of the animal, and how much food it is getting. Our proposed system is intended to be robust, easy to deploy and operate, and effective in helping biologists create 3D models.

Team Members

Duarte Professor Marco Duarte, ECE
Duncan Professor Duncan Irschick, Biology
Schmidt Professor David Schmidt, MIE
Anamitra Anamitra Datta
Max Max Haimowitz
Xiaoyang Xiaoyang Pan
Minting Minting Chen

Project Requirements

Project Specifications

Block Diagram

PDR & MDR PowerPoints

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