Problem Statement

People, depending on their height, weight and activity levels need different amounts of water in order to stay hydrated.? There is no feedback system available to the general population that will allow people to determine if they are hydrated at a given point in time.? We are going to create a wearable device that will allow a person to monitor their hydration level?.

System Specifications

  1. Will be portable and compact.

  2. Will automatically measure total body water (TBW) every 30 minutes or upon userís request and send the data wirelessly to the userís phone.

  3. Will vibrate to notify the user to drink water when the total body water is less than 45% in women and less than 50% in men.

  4. TBW measured by the wristband will be 95% accurate for 90% of the people. 

  1. Will have an interface that will allow users to put in information such as body weight and height, which will be used in the calculations. 

  2. Will display data such as hydration levels throughout the day, send notifications to drink water when needed.

  3. Will also predict the recommended water intake before exercising according to current hydration level.

Phone Application

Block Diagram

University of Massachusetts Amherst

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