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Have you ever tried to get work done at your desk, but it was too cluttered? Most users find it difficult to be productive in an environment where they must constantly be searching through stacks of papers and books. Our solution to this problem is eliminating the need for physical resources, from papers and books to even calculators, and replacing them with a digital alternative. Our system offers the conventional functionality of a desk, a surface where one can place items on and do work, while offering an embedded touch screen. This touchscreen will interface with current computer and offer all the functionality current computer offers. Instead of searching by hand for the gain equation of a common collector amplifier through a 500-page electronics textbook, one can simply search for it in the book’s digital copy in seconds. This allows users to work more efficiently and reduce the space required to store these physical resources.


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Project Details

Problem Statement

  • Difficult for users to be productive with a messy work environment.
  • SmartDesk eliminates need for physical resources by offering digital versions for both use and storage.
  • System maintains characteristics of a conventional desk while offering the functionality of a touchscreen that interfaces with your current computer.

System Specifications

  1. Touch screen desk with accuracy up to a pen-point.
  2. Design retains the versatility of a conventional desk.
  3. Desk interfaces with a standard desktop computer via USB and HDMI.
  4. System has applications which replace the need for physical resources.
  5. Touch processing has real-time response.
  6. Screen will have sufficient resolution and brightness.
  7. Surface is resistant to scratches and spills.
  8. Interface to control touch screen power.

Block Diagram

block diagram

Who We Are

Aidan Fitzpatrick:
EE, Team Manager, Hardware Lead

Tristan Koopman:
EE, Hardware Lead

Daniel Mathieu:
EE & CSE, Software Lead

John Melloni:
CSE, Software Lead, Website Creator


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