SDP18 Team 21

UMass Amherst ECE

What is ARK?

ARK stands for Augmented Reality Kick. Our mission is to implement non-camera-based extremity tracking for use in AR.

The Problem

  • AR users are unable to incorporate extremities into a game unless their device camera can directly face them
  • There are no inertial sensing products for extremity tracking that can be used in AR gaming

The System Specifications

  • App must have clean and user friendly interface, must create virtual soccer goal and ball, must allow ball to move when kicked
  • App must properly determine user’s kick speed, direction
  • Ball must move realistically in relation to user's movement (should miss if kicked in wrong location, consistent speed)
  • System delay must be low enough to retain immersion (satisfactory at less than 300ms, ideally less than 100ms)
  • Kick tracker must be lightweight, enclosed, and easy to calibrate
  • The device must be rechargeable, last for a few hours of continuous use on one charge, and be as inexpensive as possible

The Block Diagram

Meet The Team

Matteo Bolognese

Electrical Engineer

Device Design/Assembly, PCB Design, & Power

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  • Chad Klinefelter

    Computer Systems Engineer

    User Interface & Backend App Development

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  • Jackie Lagasse

    Computer Systems Engineer

    Augmented Reality & App Development

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  • Ethan Miller

    Electrical Engineer

    Device Communication & Sensor Interfacing

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