Alfred (Wifi-enabled automated mixed drink maker)


Problem Statement

 Time Saver: People wait too long at bars trying to get the bartender’s attention to order simple mixed-drinks

 Eliminates Bartender Pouring errors: Bartenders can disproportionately pour drinks or provide the wrong drink

 Alleviates Congestion: The amount of people around the bar trying to order a drink is a nightmare

System Specifications

 Order through mobile device                           Pour a perfect drink in under 2 minutes

 Bartender can insert choice of alcohol(750mL) and mixers into positions for pumping   Choice of 4 different drinks

 Does not spill the drinks                             Tab system to order drinks

 Drink served to correct customer using door system                 8 Cups of ice placed onto base

 Rotatable base to access different cups to dispense the liquids            15.9" diameter base

 Dispenses correct proportions of liquids into each specific drink

 Failsafes: Sensor to make sure cup is removed before closing door          Sensor to detect correct orientation of base

Block Diagram   PDR Slides   MDR Slides   MDR Report   CDR Slides   Poster   FDR Report   FDR Slides



Team 15 UMass SDP 15

     Chris Wong            Adviser: Professor Moritz       Ben Ivaldi


             John Fouad                Pat Barron


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