Redefining Gait Training Analysis

Problem Statement

Individuals with parkinson's disease have increased difficulty walking as the disease progresses over time. Although this disease is currently incurable, physical therapy has been proven to help slow the symptoms that come along with it. The problem with this is, since therapy sessions are so expensive, patients are usually limited in the amount of weekly hours that they can work with a medical professional. Along with this there are no affordable means of properly monitoring therapy exercises outside of a clinical environment. This means the only time a patient is getting professional assistance is when they are in a therapy session. This is often not enough therapy to effectively slow the symptoms that come along with this disease.

System Specifications

Real-time performance feedback < 10 ms

Metric Calculations within 10% error of Qualisys Oqus Motion Capture System measurements (in UMass Human Motion Lab)

Physical Specs include knee sensor system < 1 pound and waist clip (Raspberry pi + power supply) < 1 pound

Battery Life > 2 hours


PDR Presentation

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Block Diagram

Team Members

Richie Hartnett

Application Developer

Joe Menzie

Hardware/Software Interfacer

Jarred Penney

Data Analyzer

Jack Higgins

Breadboard Guy