BuddyCam is an innovative variant of traditional body cams. It is capable of fully autonomous tracking of an officer as they respond to various emergency situations.

Provide Valuable Information for Public Record

BuddyCam will record and preserve video footage to settle legal disputes. We aim to reduce violence imposed both on the victims of excessive force and on officers.

Simple and Effective

The system will be easy to deploy in multiple scenarios, and completely anonymous after initial activation.

Supported by UMPD

Cooperating with UMPD to ensure that our solution meets their requirements and recommendations.

Project Details

The Problem: There is growing concern over the relationships between law enforcement officers and the public. To ensure that the reality of these scenarios is properly depicted, reliable recording must be used.

System Specifications:

Meet the Team

Joseph Cao - CSE

Saswati Swain - EE

Steven Gurney - CSE

Kyle Wright - CSE


Download - PDR Slides
Download - MDR Slides
Download - MDR Report (Draft)