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Problem Statement

Robotic arms are used in everything from medical research to construction. As robotic technology becomes more prevalent in our society, more intuitive control approaches will be necessary. This will help make the technology more accessible to all users with little to no training.

Midway Project Report

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System Specifications

  • Minimum range of motion defined by a rectangular prism 1.5’x1.5’ horizontally and 1’ vertically directly in front of therobot in 4 D.O.F.
  • Should mimic the user’s arm position with 0.25 second latency
  • Will be able to move at least 5 inches per second in any direction
  • Will move towards the user’s current hand position as fast as possible rather than mimic all movements exactly
  • Evaluation metric: Arm will perform the task of moving 5 rocks (approx. size of a ping pong ball) placed randomly within the workspace of the arm into a ~3” tall bowl of diameter ~8” within 5 min
  • User Interface
  • Hand tracking -- Intuitive and easy to use
  • Fast tracking rate (>20 FPS)
  • Accurate tracking (within 1” of actual hand position)
  • Adequate range of motion (> 2’x2’x1’ tracking area)
  • User Control Board should implement: on/off, emergency stop, pause/resume
  • Block Diagram


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