SDP17 - Team 28 - Pen Tracker

Nicholas Rymeski, Lucas Reeve, Craig Hinkley


The Pen Tracker is a learning based tool that allows students to have electronic notes of the material that was presented on the classroom board. The Pen Tracker is a portable system containing a battery powered writing holder which holds a writing utensil of choice, and a set of receiving boxes that are placed on the corners of the writing board. Small scale position tracking can be achieved through the use of sound waves. The writing holder is equipped with a 40 kHz audio signal, far out of the human hearing range, able to have its position tracked by the receiving boxes wherever it may be on the board. These pen locations are converted to a pdf file of whatever was drawn on the board. Instead of frantically attempting to keep up with the instructors pace of writing, students can now relax and fully take in any additional speaking based material presented while knowing the notes will be electronically available.

Block Diagram:

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