Our Project

The current products on the market for detecting leaks and bursts within the home plumbing system are inefficient and costly; whereas WaterMania minimizes water damage from pipe bursts in a cost-efficient and effective manner. WaterMania also allows the user to reduce water consumption by displaying and analyzing data for the user within a connected android app.

Water consumption is detected from our custom built electromagnetic sensor. This data is then transmitted to a raspberry pi to handle logic as well as to communicate with our servers and the user’s android app. Lastly a solenoid valve is implemented in the main water line of the owner’s plumbing system to automatically shut-off water flow in the event of a pipe burst or recognized leak.

The Team

Greg Boudreau


Jonathan McAvoy


Mike Moran


Design Documents


We would like to give a special thank you to our project advisor, Professor Kris Hollot, for his guidance throughout our design. We would also like to thank Dr. Ron Selienes for his advice regarding home water-damage.