The Problem:

Discarded bottles and other types of litter can end up anywhere. For most areas there is a simple solution: pay some people to pick up the trash that is littering the area. While this may work for the majority of areas, such as parks, outside of shopping centers, and parking lots, not every area can be as easily cleaned. Some areas can be difficult to reach, and may not be worth the effort to send someone there to pick up the trash and carry it back. These areas could be areas that are not closely accessable by cars, or areas that may be difficult to reach, for example, under a bridge that spans a small river. Trash wont accumulate very quickly on these river beds, which might mean that no one ever will be sent to clean it up.

Our assembled drone prototype

The Solution:

The goal of our project is to be able to find, retrieve, and discard different types of litter that might be plaquing those difficult to reach areas. To do this we have a flying drone with a vacume suction gripper underneath it. A drone would be able to easily and quickly access hard to reach areas, areas that might be hazadorous or too lengthy for humans to get to. Once there our drone will be able to locate the litter , pick the object up, and fly it back. Our drone is be able to pick up a pick up a varity of objects, in different positions. It has an adaptable and durable frame so that adaptions can be made, and a 20 minute flight time.

Team 20

Block Diagram


Our power point slides for the Priminarily Design Review (PDR), and the Midway Design Review (MDR)


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Midway Design Review Report

Midway Report.pdf

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