Team Castle Quest

Devrim Dereli (EE), David Lassalle (CSE), Sarah Mangels (CSE), and Eric Wybenga (CSE).

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    As electronic entertainment becomes increasingly individual, it is important to have opportunities for group-centric fun. In the case of video games: most new 'multiplayer' games only offer online multiplayer and do not support friends playing in the same room or even on the same internet connection with multiple consoles.
    A nice solution is board games, but these can get old fast and need to be played in one sitting or cannot be moved when started.
    Castle Quest brings these worlds together as a four player electronic board game. With Castle Quest, players sit around the board facing eachother and use a fun, interactive board and electronic castle to play the fantasy-based game. At any time, the game can be saved and started again from a different castle or different location.
    The goal of Castle Quest is to bring people back together in the same room where the game acts more like a medium to have fun with eachother, rather than having fun with just the game.

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