Emota Technology

Empowers socially impaired individuals through reading the emotions of their conversation partner.

Through machine learning, Emota accurately translates facial expressions.

Emota notifies users in real time, and in case of sticky situations, sends to emergency contacts.

How it Works

Unobtrusive Design

A discrete design using a micro-camera and a rechargeable device.

Responsive Server

Facial information is parsed and interchanged seamlessly through Cloud services

SMS powered

Reliable SMS services provide feedback to the user in real time (cellular usage and reliability applies).

Block Diagram


Meet the Team

The Engineers behind the Emota technology

Evan TyraComputer Systems Engineer

John MorleyElectrical Engineer

Oscar LeeComputer Systems Engineer

Patrick SullivanComputer Systems Engineer

We are Team 8 of Senior Design Project 2017 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We are creating a project with a profound impact on the world. Our prototype, while not finished, is a product created for educational purposes.

Real testimonies of Emota

We are working closely with sources to test out a possible prototype of Emota.

"It seems like a product that may be beneficial for many individuals with autism."

Autism Speaks Email


University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, MA 01002
Email: owlee@umass.edu