Fully integratable module allowing drivers full control over their car
DriverAssist is an aftermarket attachment that allows handicap or disabled drivers control over the steering wheel, brakes, throttle, and other directional components.  DriverAssist controls all of the cars functions via a hand controlled joystick.
Gear Train
A custom 3D printed gear train is used to increase the torque outtputed by the motor in order to turn the steering wheel
The Joystick gives the driver complete control over their car using just one hand.  The Joystick can control everything from the gas/brake to the steering and blinker
A high powered brushless DC motor is attached to the gear train allowing the user to turn the steering wheel in both direction.
Power will be supplied via the users car battery and an integrated battery pack,  allowing the system to be effiecint and long lasting
About DriverAssist
  1. Sam Burke
    Sam Burke is an Electrical Engineering student who is focusing on RF design but also has passion for motor control and user interface. Sam will be in charge of selecting the correct motor with the needed output torque and speed. He will also design the wheel cover that will be used to attach to the motor.
  2. Steve Cook
    Steve Cook is an Electrical Engineering student who is focused in the area of signal processing and has years of work with mechanical systems. Steve will be designing the joystick that will have control over both the gas/brake and the steering.
  3. Andrew Klinkowksi
    Andrew Klinkowski is an Electrical Engineering student focused on antenna design, electromagnetic field theory, and computer programming. Andrew choose to design and implement the motor controller. This requires knowledge of both circuit design and microcontroller manipulation
  4. Quingchuan Wu
    Qingchuan Wu is an electrical engineering major focusing In power systems and circuit design. Because of his interests, he is designing the battery charger and power circuits, although he is interested in Microwave circuits.
Complete control with just one hand
      Driver Assist is an aftermarket attachment that allows the operator control over the steering wheel, braking, and throttle with one hand. Standard aftermarket attachments are expensive and require the use of both hands. Driver Assist will be cheap and easy to install, while only requiring the use of one hand. Driver Assist gives the operator  seamless control of the vehicle that other attachments cannot.
DriverAssist's components:
  • Customized Steering Wheel Jacket
  • Joystick Module
  • BLDC Motor
  • External Battery Pack
Team Members
  1. Quinchang Wu
    Quinchang Wu
  2. Sam Burke
    Sam Burke
  3. Andrew Klinkowski
    Andrew Klinkowski
  4. Steve Cook
    Steve Cook
Design Documents
  1. PDR Slides
  2. MDR Slides
  3. MDR Report
  4. CDR Slides
  5. FDR Slides
  6. Final Report
PDR Slides
MDR Slides
MDR Report
CDR Slides

Product Description

DriverAssist is a product developed to help handicap or disabled persons the ability to drive a car.  The module includes a wheel jacket, joystick, motor, and external battery pack.  The wheel jacket is 3D printed and fits tightly around the steering wheel allowing a point of contact for the motor to attach to.  The joystick is hand operated and linearly controls the movements of the motor.  Turning the car left is as easy as moving the joystick to the left.  Turning right is as easy as moving the joystick to the right.


Gear Train


DriverAssist Block Diagram
Engineer Contact information
Lead Software Engineer Andrew Klinkowski:
Lead Systems Engineer Sam Burke:
Lead Hardware Engineer Qingchuan Wu: 
Lead Logistics Engineer Steve Cook:
Team Advisor Contact information
Ramakrishna Janaswamy:
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