Smart fridge



Frij is an RFID based smart refrigerator that keeps track of items that are stored inside it and generates a shopping list when an item is running low. The system uses a combination of weight and RFID data to determine when items are inserted into or removed from the refrigerator. With this data the system can compile grocery lists automatically and alert users when they run low on certain items. The current inventory and weight data is displayable on an Android app. Frij can easily be integrated with grocery delivery services.


Group Pic

[L-R] Andrew, Carlton, Prof. Irwin, Amrit, Shravan

Shravan Nayak(CSE) - Team Organizer- Mobile app & software developer

Andrew Paisner(EE)- Embedded software developer

Carlton Jones(EE)-Hardware and circuit designer

Amritpal Khalsa(CSE)- Database and server guru

Team Advisor: Prof. David Irwin