Ferguson Intervention Recording Equipment

F.I.R.E. (Ferguson Intervention Recording Equipment) is a wearable camera unit specialized for police wear. The camera is sensor activated through an NFC tagging system where when a weapon is drawn from the duty belt (firearm, handcuffs, baton, etc.) the camera unit is turned on to start recording audio and video. The data is sent from the chest mounted camera to the Local Memory Unit (LMU), where the AV data is compressed and then encrypted. In the case that an officer does not remember to turn on their wearable camera or does not turn the camera on due to malicious intent, the system automatically activates the camera unit upon removing an item from their duty belt. The camera unit will ultimately be small, easy to use and allow both veteran and rookie police officers to interact with easily.

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Andrew Kelly


Camera & Microphone

Jacquelyn Ingemi


Hardware Design

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