Emergency Vehicle Detector

Team 23
Michael Baim, Artemiy Pankovskiy, Jessica Perilli, Daniel Medina

About The Project

The goal of this project is to create a system, using only features already available to us, that will be able to detect the siren of an emergency vehicle using their sirens, or their flashing lights. When a detection occurs we will alert the driver to the presence of the emergency vehicle by cutting the audio of their stereo, playing an audio message, and lighting up an LED on a display attached to their dashboard.

Block Diagram






About Us

My name is Michael Baim and I'm a senior EE major. I've had an internship with BAE systems for the past three years and have been doing a lot of software work for them where I have developed a liking for software engineering and I plan to further pursue at some point in time. I'm also the captain of the men's foil squad on the UMASS fencing team where I have been a member since freshman year.
I am an Electrical Engineer with a heavy interest in bio-engineering and medicine, which aside from some summer courses in other universities I have been unable to pursuit. On my free time I enjoy reading and swimming.
I am an Electrical Engineer here at Umass- Amherst. I am currently applying to jobs in the communications field after graduation in May. When I am not studying, I like to cook and watch a good movie.
I am an Electrical Engineering Major here at Umass Amherst. When I graduate I plan to continue my education in graduate school with a focus on signal processing. On my free time I like to play cards and watch TV.