Mission Statement

In commercial or institutional facilities with high people traffic, only a rough estimate of the building population is known in real time and even less quantitative data is known about the specific location of such population. This uncertainty hampers the efficiency of procedures that are dependent of such information such as safety recues and evacuations.


The design of the hardware part of a project consists of an Arduino, two PIR Sensors, a communication unit, and a power system.  The Ardruino does the processing of the raw data from the sensors we will calculate the ins and outs of a doorway and the data will be sent to a database. The device will be powered on the grid with a battery lasting over an hour in case of an emergency

Block Diamgram

Mobile Application

The application graphic user interface is designed so that firefighters have easy and quick access to important information without the need to go through unnecessary steps. In order to do this, the application must be reliable, fast, user friendly, and simple.

About Our group

Group 22 is a combination of two Electrical and two Computer System engineers. We work as a team to implement and come up with the best solutions for our project.

Slides of our previous presentations and evalutaions.

Prliminary Design Review(PDR)

Mid Design Review(MDR)

Comprehensive Design Review (CDR)

Final Design Review (FDR)