Welcome to the Handicap Parking-IDentification (HP-ID) website!

This project is under implementation as part of the Umass Amherst ECE department's Senior Design Project

What is HP-ID?

HP-ID is a system that will address handicap parking abuse using active RFID tags embedded in dashboard placards. Our parking meter will automatically validate the dashboards RFID tag and will alert the authorities via Wi- Fi that someone is parked illegally in real time. Our parking meter will quicken the response time of parking authorities and thus maintain handicap parking availabilities for those who are authorized to use them.

The first block, the induction loop, will be able to detect a car once it pulls into the parking spot. The second block, the RFID components, must be able to communicate at 20 ft.(The general length of a typical parking spot) when the tag is directed in the general direction of the reader. The tag should have a lifespan of at least 50,000 transmissions in order to minimize the need to change batteries. The tag also will be small enough to be mounted on a placard while the reader needs to be small enough to fit inside of a reasonably small sized meter. The third block, the micro-controller, will store a program to which performs all of the tasks. The WIFI shield will provide internet connectivity through a WIFI network. The database will store all of the tag IDs, Reader IDs, Expiration Dates, and all of the other ways we could flag an ID. The power supply needs to be able to supply power to the meter during normal use. All of the individual specifications are designed to give a handicap person the greatest chance of finding an available spot. The main objective of this system is to try to make everything easier for the handicapped when it comes to parking.