Team 16 - Photon Stylus

We're building a record player that plays back your vinyl with light, extending the lifetime of your records.

UMass Senior Design Project 2014

Team 16

Avo Shahverdian

Lasers + Optics

Avo is the brains behind the laser pickups, designed to reflect light off of the groove walls into a photodiode array for sound conversion.

Mike Buciuman-Coman

Light to Audio

Mike is all about audio, so he's working on designing and building the electronics to convert the signals from the photodiode array into sound.

Evan Barger

Tracking + Motor Control

Evan is working on keeping the laser pickup focused in the groove by using signal processing and a micro-controller to build a feedback control system.

Henry Assuncao

Enclosure + Rail System

Henry has always been passionate about building turntable enclosures and rail systems, so that's what he's doing for our project!

System Overview

We're trying to build a completely analog record player that replaces the traditional needle and cartridge setup with a laser pickup. Our plan is to bounce lasers off of the groove walls and into a photodiode array, where the signal can be converted back into sound. This same signal will have processing applied to it in order to control the motor that moves the lasers, ensuring the lasers stay focused in the groove.