About Our Project

Smart Trap is a high-tech, non-lethal mouse trap. It uses a passive infrared sensor to detect when a mouse has entered. The trap then automatically pushes the notification data to the cloud that will sync with the android application. The user will be notified of the mouse capture on the app on their mobile device and can then take the trap outside and release the mouse. Release can be done either remotely from the application or by pressing a switch on the trap. Once the mouse leaves the trap, the user will be notified, and the trap can then be brought back inside to be setup again.

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Our Team

We are awesome team with awesome people.

T. Baird Soules

Team Advisor

Ariunjargal Batjargal

Computer Systems Engineer

Ariunjargal is working on the data processing unit of our project including the cloud service and beaglbone black. He is interested in software and web development.

Brian Lovasco

Computer Systems Engineer

Brian is working on the Android App and the communication with the cloud service for our project. He is interested in mobile development and network security.

Tam Le

Electrical Engineer

Tam is working on the door mechanism and overall design for the power supply. He is intersted in electronics engineering and enjoys fishing as a hobby.

Hong Lei

Electrical Engineer

Hong is working on the controller for the power supply and overall mechanical design. He is interested in communication engineering and enjoys running as a hobby.

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