SDP 2014: Team Remote Environmental Sensing Tram

Our Project

Introducing the Remote Environmental Sensing Tram (REST), a remote sensing tram that will be used to monitor forest health in the Harvard Forest. This system will be able to collect a multitude of sensor data, from above the Harvard Forest canopy and transmit that data to a website. The website will tabulate and graphically display the data as well as allow the user to issue commands to the remote tram. With this system we hope to provide environmental scientists and others that are interested in monitoring the health of forests with useful data.

Block Diagram

This the block diagram for our system. There are three major components to our system, the User Interface, the Base Station and the Tram. The User Interface is implemented through a website, and it will allow users to send commands, change settings on the Tram as well as access the collected data from the sensors on the Tram. The Base Station is the 'brains' of our system. The Base Station controls the Tram as well as driving the motor that moves the Tram. The Tram collects data from the sensors and sends it to the Website, for the end users to interact with.

The Team

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         Arsid Ferizi (CSE) - Webmaster                                                         Noah Pell (CSE)

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         Michael Rizzo (EE) - Project Manager                                         Cameron Foss (EE)