Kinetic Energy Harvester
Team 1 - SDP '14
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Project Objective
This turnstile aims to reclaim everyday lost mechanical energy, then convert it to electrical energy for storage and reuse.

Summary of Impact

The design enables the end user to install this device into high traffic areas and gather energy that people put into the turnstile. The final application that consumes the generated power is unimportant because the customer will have specialized needs for their turnstiles.  Devices might include interior lighting, biometric scanners for restricted access areas, RFID employee badge scanners, laser barcode ticket readers, or ticket purchasing checkout stations. The current design of this product includes a power supply with common voltage outputs so that a customer may simply plug in their device.


While consuming slightly less electricity from the grid, the customer would also be able to install turnstiles in locations that are distant from power outlets.  This may be particularly important for outdoor concert venues and non-permanent events like county fairs.  This aspect of portable power generation would save time and reduce complexity of setting up for an event.


This device does not claim that it will pay for itself in electricity savings, but the green energy generation has a positive environmental impact.  This product can also prove that there are plenty of unused sources of energy all around.  The idea of energy harvesting in general can be spread through the use of this product and may help similar systems to gain public acceptance.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Design Progress

CAD Turnstile        Top
      Front View        Gear
      Close Up
Turnstile Protoype 1.0 CAD Model               Turnstile 1.0 Frame with Geartrain                   Turnstile Crank Arm with Geartrain


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Connor Fields (EE) - Project Manager            Jordan Guttrich (ME) - Production Manager

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Andrew Thurston (ME) - Design Manager      Alex White (EE) - Evaluation Manager, Webmaster