RCA: Real-Time Concussion Analyzer

Senior Design Project 2013


Team Members

Professor Hollot
Tim Coyle
Justin Kober
Scott Rosa
Kenny Van Tassell
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Problem Statement


During a football game, players will typically experience impacts that can result in concussions. In most cases, coaches and trainers on the side lines rely on the player, and their symptoms, to determine if they are injured. However, a player may not experience or show symptoms of a concussion immediately. Our system will provide the likelihood that a player has experienced a concussion, allowing coaches to make more informed decisions pertaining to player safety.


Current solutions exist but do not allow the system to adapt to each player individually. Our product, “Real-Time Concussion Analyzer” (RCA), is an integrated system that will provide real-time concussion analysis with player specific adaptability. RCA will collect impact data from player collisions on a continuous basis. The impact data will be analyzed by a concussion detection algorithm. The algorithm will calculate and output the risk of concussion that the player has suffered. This output will be easily interrupted by the coaches and trainers.


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Requirement Specifications

Special Restrictions

User Interface

The user interface for coaches and trainers will be an easy-to-interrupt system that reports the likelihood of a concussion in real time. The players will have no user interface; this system is designed for coaches and trainers.


The input to the system is the impact data.


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Preliminary Design Review

Midway Design Review

Comprehensive Design Review

Final Project Review

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Product Information


The Real-time Concussion Analyzer is a football helmet with a sensor network installed into it. The circuitry in the helmet is able to record impacts on the head of the player. The circuitry transmits this data to an Android app that displays the data and calculates the risk of concussion for the player.

Acceptability Test

The prototype will be tested by referencing a known impact and comparing that to the same impact applied in a field test.

Product Costs

The cost of this system should be under $5000 total. This would be the cost for a system that will monitor up to 52 players simultaneously.

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Block Diagram

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