The overall goal of team SAFE-T is to assist emergency personnel without interfering with their abilities to perform their important work. For our project we utilize a series of sensors connected to a firefighter’s equipment to monitor vital safety information including temperature levels inside and outside of the suit, heart rate, and oxygen tank levels. Using the output signals from these sensors, we can transmit the data via 2.4 GHz radio wave to a central command center with a portable android device that will display the resulting data within logical GUI that can be easily deciphered by the fire chief. This will ultimately increase the level safety for firefighters within a building by allowing real time data to be conveyed accurately without causing distraction to the firefighter.

UPDATE: April 28, 2012

SAFE-T Final Paper
SAFE-T Poster
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UPDATE: November 22, 2011

Proof of concept: Base module and remote module running and wirelessly sending temperature and humidity data using the Arduino development board with the Atmega 328 microcontroller


XBee Pro Series 2 (ZB) radio module used to create an API mesh network. Specs include:
- 3.3 V at 205 mA
- 250 kbps data rate
- 2.4 GHz frequency band
- Industrial temperature rating (-40 to 285 degrees Celsius)
- 90 to 3,200 meter range


Proof of concept: Preliminary Android application main menu screen