Background Information

ASLLENGE is a system that has a primary function of recognizing upper body gesture movements performed by users. Each customized gesture has unique literal meanings or is associated with an action that would manipulate a predefined function, such as opening up or closing an application on the computer, flip through PowerPoint slides etc; It can also be used as a learning tool to enhance non-verbal communicate with gestures. one of the main design goal is to have an modern tool that allow users to easily mimic and learn basic gesture motions with the assistance of our device.

The ASLLENGE system tracks basic upper body and finger motions.The ASLLENGE system can be divided into two major components: the upper body tracking device and a finger tracking module. The upper body tracking device is built based on the Microsoft Kinect motion sensing input device. It provides adequate image processing foundation for our design purposes. A software database and motion tracking algorithm are developed to complement the Kinect Software Development Kit[1]. The finger tracking module is built based on the Arduino mega2560 board[3]. It translates the finger bending motions into digital data that will be transmitted into a separate database. When a word is performed by a user, our system will automatically search through the database we built to find the corresponding definition. If a word or phrase is matched, the translated literal meaning of the word or the predefined action being demonstrated by the user will be displayed on a monitor through a USB cable or Bluetooth module connection.

Block Diagram

The initial setup steps for our system

Demonstration for two simple gestures

Progress Updates
post date Event description
04.20.2012 SDP day Presented updated mathcing algorithm and funcationalities to general public.
04.04.2012 FPR Presented project progress and prototype to the project evaluators.
03.29.2012 Skeleton Tracking Completed building testing database, GUI and voice recognition.
03.17,2012 MDR Presented testing prototype to project evaluators.