Minimal-Movement Interactive Entertainment Interface

Our Motivation

A student from West Springfield Middle School suffers from Cerebral Palsy. She is limited to only minimal movement in her right shoulder socket with minimal range. This student enjoys the entertainment of lights and music but does not retain the independence to undergo this experience on her own. The student's teacher approached us with the problem and it is our job to design the solution. We are faced with the challenge to create a design in which this interaction can be accomplished with very limited movement required.

Our Mission

The mission of our project is to assist a user in accomplishing independant interaction with a visual/musical device. The user will only need limited movemet, but in this very limited movement, we will give him/her the oppurtunity to completely control an MP3 player and all of the normal commands that come with the technology. The implemenetation will be designed with a gesture manual so that specific motions will directly represent MP3 player commands.

High-Level Design

Our design is based on the interconnection between voltage sensors and an MP3 player. These sensors will be placed wirelessly on a desk top in a convenient location for the user to enter input and will recognize certain gestures. Specific hand motions will be interpretted in software and will allow the student to wirelessly communicate with the MP3 player. An LED display bank will provide the visuals for our unit. The MP3 file playing will marquee across the display to begin and then a simple LED visual will be displayed to entertain the student. The user will only need limited motor skills in order to completely interact with the music.


Hardware/Software Components

Simple I/O

Design Components
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