Car to Car Communication for Accident Avoidance

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Statement of the Problem


The invention of the automobile has entirely changed the way people live. We plan our lives knowing that getting from place to place is as simple as getting into a car and driving there. As technology increases, safety features have been implemented into cars that reduce the effects and damages of accidents. Not many technologies aim to prevent these accidents entirely. One solution to the problem of car on car accidents is to create a system where each car transmits information about itself to all the other cars around it and to give a warning if an accident is likely. . 

The Design:

Each car will have a unit with a transceiver to obtain data from the car and then send the data to the cars around it.
User friendly interface
Expandability so that others can add on to the system and create their own applications
Use of GPS to obtain location of vehicles
Use of OBD II to obtain speed of vehicles

Project Deliverables:

The final product will consist of three units that are each capable of obtaining and transmitting their respective speeds, locations, and status of steering wheels. The working demonstration will demonstrate three cars driving back to back. The car in front will brake suddenly and the two cars in back will receive an audible warning to also brake.

Statement of the Problem
Requirements Specification
System Block Diagram
System Specification
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