Pool Table Analyzer


Pool Table Analyzer

Team Members:
Dave Fraska, EE '09
Doug Frazer, EE '09
Mitchell Kendall, CSE '09
Timothy Langlois, CSE '09

Team Faculty Advisor:
Professor Mettu

Project Summary:

The Pool Table Analyzer is a system designed to enhance the experience of a game of billiards. It will analyze the positions of the balls and suggest the best shot to each player. This will help amateur players to think about advanced concepts, such as cue ball placement, that they do not normally consider. The system will have an intuitive intface which anyone will be able to understand. Four cameras will be mounted above a pool table and connected to a computer. The computer will analyze the images from the cameras to suggest the best shot. The computer will also use the images from the cameras to track the location of the cue stick as a player makes his/her shot.

Statement of the Problem
Requirements Specification
System Block Diagram
System Specification
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