Many firefighters today perish while in the line of duty as a result of becoming overcome, trapped, or lost inside a burning building. Firefighters typically have no knowledge of the building they are entering. Coupled with smoke, minimal lighting, and an ever-changing environment, it can be difficult for the I.C. to navigate or know where the firefighter is located inside a building. Sending in a search party after an unconscious firefighter can become an impossible task. A system in which the Incident Commander could track and monitor each firefighter’s path throughout a building would allow for assisted guidance of a firefighter or lead to their recovery.

Drebin is made up of four hardware components, an active R.F.I.D. reader, active tags, PDA and laptop. The reader and tags are used for finding the signal strengths between the readers, that are attached to the firefighters belts, and the preinstalled RFID tags inside the building. The PDA interfaces with the scanner using Bluetooth and receives the signal strength data. This data is then pushed to the Incident Commander’s laptop using WIFI, where the signal strength is used to calculate the firefighters position inside the building using an algorithm. The Drebin system is comprised almost entirely of software. The only hard-ware components are the off-the-shelf RFID reader, RFID tags, and laptops.

Active RFID Reader:



The Incident Commander Interface:


The is a screenshot of the application the Incident Commander uses to get an overhead view of the fire scene inside the building. As seen in this pictures the small colored boxes represent the Active RFID Tags placed throughout the building. The large teal shaded in region is the location of the firefighter holding the Active RFID Reader.


Designed by James Schafer