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ECE 415/416 - Senior Design Project

Welcome to the SDP08 homepage. Here you can get all the up-to-date information on this course.

News for Spring 2008 semester:

14 May 2008: Team Clearance information is posted.

The following updates to attendance policy and grading supercede policies stated in the syllabus and the course book.

  • Updated registration policy:
    • Please register for Lec 1 (class number 81948) as well as your advisor's Lab section.
  • Updated attendance policy:
    • Attendance in lectures, reviews, advisor demo, SDP day demo is mandatory.
    • Attendance in lab sessions is only required on certain days (see schedule)
      • Group A: Teams Anderson, Burleson, Fischetti, Frasier
      • Group B: Teams Ganz, Goeckel, Goeckel/Jackson, Gong
      • Group C: Teams Kelly, Mettu, Pishro-Nik and Ni, Siqueira
      • Group D: Teams Tessier, Vouvakis, Wolf
  • Updated grading policy:
    • The final grade for ECE 416 will be a weighted average of the following three grade components:
      • Advisor grade (50%): Given at the discretion of the advisor.
      • Review Board grade (30%): Average of CDR and FPR grades.
      • Course Coordinator grade (20%): Based on attendance and project documents:
        • If all required course documents are of an exemplary quality and the student has no unexcused absences, then the student will receive a grade of “A” from the course coordinators.
        • If all required course documents are of an exemplary quality and the student has one or more unexcused absences, then the grade from the course coordinators will be as follows:
          • A- for one unexcused absence
          • B for two unexcused absences
          • C for three unexcused absences
          • D for four unexcused absences
          • F for five or more unexcused absences
        • If all required course documents are not of an exemplary quality then the above course coordinator grades will be downgraded as appropriate.

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