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Requirements Specification

Project Background

In the past, there had been many keyless entry solutions that have been developed to eliminate the hassling task of toting a key around or making the key a more convenient tool to use.  These various solutions range from card scanners, retina scanners, fingerprint identification, and combination locks.  Even though these solutions are unique and some even use state of the art technology, they can be very costly and presenting a key to a reader or scanner can be a hassle when range of motion is limited. 

Intelock will be a new keyless entry system that will be added to the family of solutions all ready out there.  Its unique characteristics of low cost, low power and reliability will separate itself from the other solutions on the market.  With Intelock, the user will never have to take their identification key out of their pocket or purses in order to gain access into an entry way. 

Project Deliverables

  • Working prototype of keyless system utilizing ZigBee networks
  • Integration of ZigBee system into physical working door
  • Unique user key
  • Server based software for remote access of keyless system
  • User Manual

Special Restrictions

  • Project budget of $600 set by course standard.
  • Source code is the property of Team Ganz 2007 and Atmel

Principle of Operation

User will have on them, a unique key that the system will recognize.  Upon the turn of the doorknob, the system will lock or unlock the door depending on if the user key is valid or not.  Turning the doorknob left will cause the system to lock the door, turning it right will cause the system to unlock the door.  Users do not have to take out their key to access the system.  As long as the key is on their person, the system will pick up its signal.  In addition, users can lock or unlock their door from a remote location by logging onto a server designed and provided by Team Ganz 2007.


The inputs to the system are the wireless devices using ZigBee technology.  Only those devices with permission to access the system’s network are allowed to communicate within the keyless entry network.


The output is the action of locking or unlocking the electronic deadbolt by the wireless system. 

Acceptance Tests

The system prototype will be tested by integrating the ZigBee technology into a physical home door.  ZigBee devices will be tested for wireless ranges and proper functionality in relation to the wireless system.

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Requirements Specification
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