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Team Members:
Josh Coffin, EE '07
Kit Huynh, CSE '07
Emmanuel Seguin, CSE '07
Christos Tsiokos, CSE '07

Team Faculty Advisor:
Professor Ganz

Team Presentation Poster
Team Ganz Poster Draft

Project Summary

InteLock is an alternative solution for keyless home entry.  Initially designed for use by the residential population, InteLock’s goal is to assist homeowners in making everyday life more convenient.

The design consists of a fairly new IEEE 802.15.4 (also known as ZigBee) wireless standard that allows for lighting, security, climate controls, and other systems to be controlled by using a network of wireless sensors and switches.  ZigBee is a low cost, low power and reliable wireless standard making it an ideal candidate for its integration into the overall system.  Homeowners can rest easy knowing that they do not have to reach deep into their pockets in order to own a system like this.

In addition, InteLock will take the extra stride by providing the user the ability to access their entry way from a remote location using a software application that is not only user friendly but also utilizes current security measures in providing secure remote access.

Statement of the Problem
Requirements Specification
System Block Diagram
Draft System Specification
Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Presentation Slides
Mid-course Design Review (MDR) Specification
MDR Presentation Slides
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