Intelligent Parking System

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Statement of the Problem


Everyone has been to a very large parking lot and not known where to park. A person either spends too much time searching for a good spot or just settles for a very bad spot. On top of that, there are times which a good spot is found, and then another inconsiderate driver steals the spot before it can be taken. The entire situation creates anger, frustration, and all too often road rage can take over and get out of hand.

The Design:

  • Parking lot manager/technician will mount one or more cameras overlooking the parking lot, and then configure the parking spots
  • Software will acquire image from camera
  • Image processing is performed on parking lot image to determine available parking spots
  • Software will output spot availability

Project Deliverables:

The deliverables for this project will be a piece of software which will monitor and keep track of our chosen parking lot. This "Parking Lot Management System" software will be able to configure any number of parking lot cameras and configure the parking spots for each lot. This software is in constant communication with a powerful MATLAB-driven back end, which performs all image processing. An updated map of available spots will be refreshed so a driver approaching the parking lot can see the best spot to park in.

Statement of the Problem
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