Intelligent Parking System

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Requirements Specification

Project Background

Everyone has been to a very large parking lot and not known where to park. A person either spends too much time searching for a good spot or just settles for a very bad spot. On top of that, there are times which a good spot is found, and then another inconsiderate driver steals the spot before it can be taken. The entire situation creates anger, frustration, and all too often road rage can take over and get out of hand.

Project Deliverables

  • Video Camera
  • Base station (software running off a laptop)
  • Website showing map of parking lot and available spots
  • System specification, including the design concept, block diagram, functional description of the blocks, a system description, and analysis done during system design

Special Restrictions

  • Project budget of $600 set by course standard.
  • Camera is not in an ideal location.
    • Behind glass window, creates glare and distortion.
    • Angle of viewing is not ideal. Spots in the back are hard to see, and can be blocked by other cars.

Principle of Operation

Any network camera (we are using Axis model 210a) will be mounted overlooking a parking lot. In our software, a technician will "add" a parking lot to the program, pointing it to the camera that is set up. Next, the technician will tell the program where the parking spots are using a simple point and click method. The software will periodically download the image from the camera, where it will be sent to our image processing libraries for car detection. For each configured parking spot, our image processing will tell the program whether the spot is taken or available. This spot status information will be made available to any driver who pulls up to the parking lot.


Input to the base station will come from both the video camera and the laptop.


The base station will output an updated diagram of the parking lot on the latop.

Acceptance Tests

The functionality of the system will be tested in a real parking lot, with a camera mounted on the second floor of KEB. It will work properly under various temperature and weather conditions.

Statement of the Problem
Requirements Specification
System Block Diagram
Draft System Specification
Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Presentation Slides
Mid-course Design Review (MDR) Specification
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