Intelligent Parking System

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Intelligent Parking System

Team Members:
Adam Bailin, CSE '07
Bill Ryan, CSE '07
Matt Regan, EE '07
Tom Cleary, EE '07

Team Faculty Advisor:
Professor Stephen Frasier

Project Summary

The Intelligent Parking System is a project being developed at UMass Amherst which aims to revolutionize the way people are able to park in big parking lots. There are two major parts to this project: a front end being developed in Visual Studio 2005 using C# .NET and a back end image processing suite being developed in MATLAB. Together, they provide a powerful parking lot management system, which is able to aggregate many different models of cameras from different locations and using the back end processing, output spot availability information in an easy to read way. Seeing this information, someone driving up to the parking lot will look at the output of available spots be able to tell the best one for him to park in.

Statement of the Problem
Requirements Specification
System Block Diagram
Draft System Specification
Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Presentation Slides
Mid-course Design Review (MDR) Specification
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