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Buddy Bug Project


Team Members:
Brian Roberts, CSE, Team Manager
Matt Brennan, CSE/EE
Nick Nunns, EE
Jeremy Vight, CSE

Team Faculty Advisor:
Professor Wolf

Welcome to the Buddy Bug Design Project web site.

The advent of portable personal electronics in society has encouraged isolation and antisocial behavior. For instance, iPods allow people to tune out their surroundings and isolate themselves from others. In response, some schools have banned use of iPods. Cell phones, in the same manner, allow people to escape their local social environment. Currently, there is a lack of mobile personal electronic devices which encourage social behavior. Systems which would allow people to find others with the same interests are very popular in the form of classifieds, date/friend matching websites and phone services.

We propose the Buddy Bug to fill the gap between mobile personal electronics and friend/date matching services. To accomplish this, the Buddy Bug will allow people to find others with similar interests while they are at a bar, class, lounge or any other place where people gather. Prior knowledge of similar interests will allow users to start a conversation and interact. In addition, if users wish to continue their interaction, they will be able to exchange contact information via the Buddy Bug, overcoming the problem of misplacement and disorganization of contact information. The Buddy Bug will therefore bring the usefulness of friend/date matching services to people while they are moving about their daily lives.

Updated on: 01.02.2006 22:24

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