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Have you ever noticed that when you're in a restaurant seated at a table, the bartender still makes any drinks that you order? Even if the bar is overflowing with people? We did.

In most establishments, the bartender does not make any tips off of a drink requested by someone seated at a table. However, he or she still has to make the drink and the time spent doing that could be spent tending to a person at the bar. If we could cut out the job of the bartender for the person seated at the table, we'd increase efficiency, increasing profitability for the bar and tips for the bartender.

That's what we aim to do for our 2004 UMASS Senior Design Project.

Updated: May 7, 2004

We won the competition!

We achieved the goals we set in September of 2003, and produced a working "Automated Bartender".

Special thanks to:

Professor Aura Ganz - Thank you for sticking with is and providing the insight we needed to accomplish our goals

John Kliem - Thank you so much for all you've done to help our team. Without your effort, we would have had a pumping system, but no mixing chamber

Joel Miller of ITT Flojet - Thank you very much for providing us with the equipment we needed to get this project off the ground


Check out the "Pictures" page to see what we're up to...

Additional Info:

  We also hope to add wireless capability to our Automated Bartender by May 5th...