Architecture and Real-Time Systems (ARTS) Laboratory

 Architecture and Real-Time Systems (ARTS) Laboratoryclock


Project Milestones


  • For the first time, performance metrics that characterize the surge-handling capabilities of embedded computers are being developed. No such metrics currently exist.
  • New measures to capture the suitability of network topologies for use in embedded systems are being developed. Measures available at present are of a theoretical nature with very limited practicality.


  • A comprehensive analytical model of embedded systems to compute the above-mentioned metrics, and capture the dynamic interplay between the application, system resources, and the operating environment is being developed for the first time. By contrast, current models are largely static in nature and focus exclusively on the hardware resources.


  • A tool to compute these performance metrics will be constructed. The embedded system designer will use this tool to assess the implications of various design alternatives for various applications and operating environments. This will be the first tool of its kind.

Technology transfer to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.