Architecture and Real-Time Systems (ARTS) Laboratory

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Welcome to ARTS Lab!

Research in the ARTS laboratory focuses on cyber-physical systems. Cyber-physical systems are an increasingly important part of modern society, encompassing applications under computer control. They range in complexity from simple appliances to chemical plants, power distribution grids, automobiles, and aircraft. This website contains links to past and present projects.

In our current research, we connect the activity of the computer to the resultant performance of the controlled plant by analyzing the impact of the precision of the computer output, the frequency with which it is updated, and the computational delays on the quality of control provided to the controlled plant. This analysis is then used to guide task scheduling and resource management within the control computer.

Current problems of interest include a study of linking the dynamics of the controlled plant to the performance of the control computer and management of energy resources within the computer. We have recently started work on a project on thermal management of computer resources. In this work, we study how to schedule tasks and scale input voltage in such a way that the aging effects of high operating temperatures on semiconductors are mitigated keeping in view the current state and requirements of the controlled plant.